Fort knox gun safes for sale

Fort Knox gun safes for sale are available to customers in various locations in and around the United States. Fort Knox is the leading brand in the manufacture of gun safes and they provide amazing security and reliability. They are made up of a very strong material so that they cannot be broken into and these gun safes help its owner in keeping away the guns from the burglars and other possible thieves. Thus, they protect the persons from dangerous accidents which may occur if guns are not secured in a safe place. They are the best gun safes when compared to other brands of gun safes. Fort Knox Safes are completely made up of a raw steel which is much stronger than other metals. For the person owning a firearm,  it is very important to own a gun safe along with the firearm. If firearms happen to be stolen , then the user needs to face the liability of all damages that are caused due to stolen guns. There are various brands in the manufacturing of the gun safes, but the best brand that provides maximum safety is the Fort Knox gun safes. They come in variety of designs and sizes depending on the gun safe series and the  size of  guns that are being used. For the long guns, a gun safe should be 58” height and 30” width to accommodate bigger rifles . Moreover, these gun safes are covered by the protective coating that helps in case of fire or electric shocks. With these safes, guns located inside are not subjected to any damage even in a major fire situation.

Fort Knox gun safes for sale are available in various places at affordable price. All Fort Knox gun safes are custom built and thus can be built according to the wish of a customer. The manufacturer also provides shipping facility to all over the United States. They are available from a price of $150 for the smaller sizes and ranges up to $12,000 for large ones. One of the famous models of the Fort Knox gun safes is the legend gun safe. The image of this type is given below as follows.

The price value of this model varies with the size of the gun safes. This model consists of the 3/16″ steel body. This also consists of the inner additional of the 10 gauge reinforced stainless steel. The body thickness of this type of gun safe is nearly 1.75”. This model also consists of the patented rack and pinion mechanism. This model helps in protecting more number of riffles from 4 riffles to 68 riffles. They are available in nearly 18 different colors according to the customers’ requirements. This model of the gun safes also has high fire rating and also consists of more safety protection materials other than other models. They also provide more warranty period and also provide patented technology.

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